Voices from Cosmos...

In “Kviris Palitra” from June 19-25, 2006 was published an article – “For Now Armenians Misappropriate “Chakrulo” and “Mravaljamieri” (author Khatuna Paichadze). Particularly is mentioned deplorable fact, that in musical CD named “Missing Taiga”, edited in Stuttgart in 2004, is gone down hundred songs of USSR. Two songs among them – “Chakrulo” and “Mravaljamieri” – is christened as Armenian songs and ensemble “Rustavi” - as an Armenian group. In article it is mentioned that this product edited by musical studio Reader’s Diges is soled successfully in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and it costs 70 euro. This CD was discovered and brought to Georgia by the member of string quartet acting in Germany Tamaz Batiashvili. This abovementioned fact excited indignation in Georgian press, what was responded by Public Relation Department of Georgian Encyclopedia with the article “The Voices run from Cosmos” (“24 Hours”, July 10, 2006, author Natia Vadachkoria). Afterwards this article also was published in scientific popular journal “Pulsari” (#2(4) 2005). The author of the article contacted with the manager of ensemble “Rustavi” Ansor Erchomaishvili, who mentioned, that “UNESCO recognizes Georgian National song as a masterpiece of folk-lore and not of human making treasure of humanity” – this is a quotation from the deed from May 18, 2001, signed up by UNESCO general director Koïchiro Matsuura.
It is very significant the fact, that on August 20 and September 5, 1977 Americans sent interplanetary automatic stations – “Voyager 2” and “Voyager 1” in cosmos. The aim of both identical metal and gramophone discs – “Voices of the Earth” placed on spacecraft was to make understand other civilizations, if any are in galaxy, about earth civilization and mankind. Among “Voices of the Earth” recorded on the gramophone disc (110 minutes) was “Chakrulo”, as a polyphonic masterpiece. In Soviet Encyclopedic Dictionary edited in 1979 affirms: “Bagrations – Georgian royal dynasty in IX-XIX cc., branch of Bagratides. The most famous: Ashot, David III, David the Builder, George III, Tamar, George V, Irakli II”. And Bagratides are, of course, ancient Armenian aristocratic, royal dynasty.
The managers in head of Irakli Abashidze and Roin Metreveli of Georgian Encyclopedia of that time protested this fact and in already 1985 in the same edition this term was corrected.

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