Was edited by the I. Abashidze Georgian Chief Scientific Editorial Board in 2009. The dictionary was prepared on the base of 1987 edition. Also were used the administrative-territorial division manual edited in 2002 by Georgian National Department of Statistics, general geographic and political-administrative maps of 2005 and 2006, appropriate scientific literature and etc.
The dictionary contains the names of all settlements, important mountain ridges, mountains, summits, passes, rivers, lakes, protected territories and other geographic objects (9500 toponims).
The dictionary reflects the data of Autonomic Republic of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region before the conflict.
Editorial council: Z. Abashidze (chairman), Sh. Apridonidze, N. Bolashvili, R. Gobejishvili, Ts. Vashakidze, V. Magradze, A. Sakvarelidze, P. Tskadaia.
Editorial group: N. Gioshvili, Ts. Vashakidze (head of the group), E. Lolua, N. Kapianidze.
The main aim of the dictionary is to show the correct spelling of the toponyms and is intended for the wide circle of readers.
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