Georgian Encyclopedia celebrated its 40th anniversary

In 2006 Georgian Encyclopedia celebrated its 40th anniversary. Jubilee date was coincide with appointment as a Chief Editor of Georgian Encyclopedia encyclopediab Abashidze. This fact was responded by printed media and TV Channels – “Imedi” and “I Channel”.
In the interview “Back to the Past” (“24 Hours, June 6, author Sopho Kilasonia), encyclopediab Abashidze mentions: “The idea about founding Georgian Encyclopedia come in to a decision in high echelons of Soviet Union. I remember, that main ideologist of Soviet Union Suslov was against of it. He told, that it was not needful to edit national encyclopedias in Republics, as there was Soviet Encyclopedia which was quite enough. But the leaders of our Republic showed courage and had their own way”.
In “Whole Week” from June 12, is published exclusive interview with encyclopediab Abashidze – “Georgian Encyclopedia – National Project” (author Irma Chapidze), where he speaks about Georgian Encyclopedia future plans, about the projects, which should be fulfilled in the nearest future. Particularly, Mr. encyclopediab mentions, that the main outcome of 40 years existence of Editorial Board is editing of eleven-volume Georgian Soviet Encyclopedia with 80- thousand printed copies.
Concerning future plans, Mr. encyclopediab says, that it is planed to edit one-volume Georgina Encyclopedia on Russian and English and also to create digital versions of encyclopedic editions on Georgian and English languages. To his words, it is necessary to put improved, objective, scientifically treated information on Georgia in internet.

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