For them, who loves Tbilisi...

Year 2009 started also successfully for Georgian Encyclopedia. The very desired and useful book - Encyclopedia TBILISI. STREETS, AVENUES, SQUARES was edited. The presentation was held twice and was lighted up by all TV Channels.
March 5, 2009 on the presentation at Tbilisi Assembly the Chairman of Tbilisi City Assembly Zaal Samadashvili mentioned: “This book is important not only for Tbilisi citizens but for the guests also. I was reading here the history of my city. This encyclopedia is remarkable for the scientific point of view. Here are given the data on the person the streets are named after. Besides relating the history of each part of Tbilisi, here are the maps and the list of the names, which increases its importance”.
The whole information is given on under the title “With the Aid of Tbilisi City Hall Encyclopedia Tbilisi was Edited”.
March 24, 2009 on the second presentation held in TBC Bank head office the guests had an opportunity to purchase the book. The article – “For them, who loves Tbilisi… (“Georgian Republic”, March 17, 2009, author Nia Pipia) lets us to know that Tbilisi City Hall is planning to make digital version of Encyclopedia Tbilisi very soon.

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