Encyclopedia TBILISI

Was edited by I. Abashidze Chief Editorial Board of Georgian Encyclopedia in 2002.
Members of the editorial council: G. Batiashvili, O. Gagua, Iv. Zodelava, A. Tavkhelidze, VL. Kakhadze, O. Litanishvili, M. Lomia, O. Lortkipanidze, M. Mdivani, R. Metreveli, D. Muskhelishvili, A. Sakvarelidze (Chief Editor), Z. Tatashidze, G. Sheradze, T. Chirgadze.
The main working group: I. Beradze, T. Beridze, O. Gagua, N. Gioshvili, Sh. Vadachkoria, N. Mgaloblishvili, K. Megrelishvili, L. Nikolaishvili, A. Sakvarelidze, T. Feradze, D. Karseladze, Sh. Tsirekidze, K. Tskhakaia, Z. Chelidze.
Designed by Sh. Nioradze, G. Tsereteli,
Model by B. Asatiani, N. Tatulashvili.
Encyclopedia Tbilisi is the first scientific edition, which is dedicated to the one city. It accumulates and arranges in systemic order the main data of our capital. This edition is mainly differs from other universal encyclopedias both with its structure and with the principle of choosing the terms. The edition is based on the valuable experience of Chief Editorial Board of Georgian Encyclopedia and also on the foreign encyclopedia experiences. The book generalizes, specifies, and very often fills with the concrete data the knowledge about the different sides of the life of Tbilisi.
The edition of Encyclopedia “Tbilisi” was feasible with the financial aid and constant support of Tbilisi Municipality, City Council and Government.

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