Was edited by I. Abashidze Chief Editorial Board of Georgian Encyclopedia in 2008, was prepared by Arn. Chikobava Institute of Linguistics.
It is the first Georgian scientific-branch encyclopedia, which reflects the history of Georgian language, the stages of its development (from the ancient period up to the nowadays), the development of Georgian linguistic conception, achievements of Georgian and foreign experts in Georgian studies in this field.
In preparing of “Georgian Language” with the Institute of Linguistics actively took part almost all organizations pertaining to the humanities (National Manuscript Center, Institute of History, Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University) and wide circle of the scientists.
The systemic knowledge of Georgian language, the modern level of its research, information about Caucasian languages and about the languages, which historically had cultural or some other kind of contact with Georgia as well, information about the Georgian educational centers both in Georgia and outside of our country are given in this encyclopedia. This book presents the information about the epigraphic and manuscript monuments of Georgian written language in Georgia and abroad.
The initiative of making “Georgian Language” belongs to B. Jorbenadze. The joint project of Institute of Linguistics and Chief Editorial Board of Encyclopedia on edition was planed in the beginning of 90s of the last century, but because of B. Jorbenadze’s death (1993) this idea was not fulfilled. At the end of 90s working on the encyclopedia was renovated and the specially created group of the scientists with the main working group of Editorial Board of Encyclopedia prepared for editing the encyclopedia “Georgian Language”.
The compiler: I. Kobalava, editor: G. Kvaratskhelia.
Editorial board: Z. Abashidze, A. Arabuli, Sh. Apridonidze, G. Burchuladze, G. Gogolashvili, N. Loladze (responsible secretary), Z. Sarjveladze, A. Sakvarelidze, V. Silogava, M. Kavtaria.
The main working group of Editorial Board of Encyclopedia: I. Abashidze, N. Gioshvili, T. Dvali, M. Tushishvili, O. Labadze, M. Silagadze, Shi. Anjaparidze, T. Dolidze, M. MakalaTia, R. Popkhadze, N. Kapianidze.
The edition of encyclopedia “Georgian Language” was feasible with the financial aid of TBC Bank and Mr. M. Khazaradze.

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